This website brings together many resources to help us 
stanap strong tugeta
 against gender-based violence of all kinds.

Journey To Change

In this website you will find many things:

  • women’s stories about violence they have experienced
  • men talking to men about how to end violence
  • what to do when you witness or experience violence
  • organizations helping to end violence
  • research reports about violence
  • government policies related to ending violence
  • videos and films related to violence
  • and much more….

Please take some time to go through the website.

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and songs

Organisations working to end violence

The Vanuatu-Australia Police and Justice Program, Stretem Rod blong Jastis mo Sefti, works with the Vanuatu Police Force, the Ministry of Justice and Community Services and other legal and community institutions to improve women and children’s access to justice.

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