Bride Price

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This paper reviews the current literature of gender based violence in small island states, in particular, domestic violence. Domestic violence is one form of gender inequality and is a hindrance to economic growth and limits the well-being of individuals. Small island states are at a stage of increasing poverty levels and under utilisation of productive resources. In order to improve the livelihoods and reduce poverty levels it is important to achieve inclusive growth and sustain it. Studies have shown that the domestic violence is the most severe and global violation of human rights and causes social and economic repercussions to countries. Small island states suffer in terms of high health, legal and household costs. Moreover, it suffers through loss of productive labour and the negative repercussions on the health and mental state of children. By addressing domestic violence through education and workshops at the grass root level monetary funds can be diverted into other sectors within the economy, thus lifting a country‘s status quo. More importantly, women and girls will have equal outcomes of men and boys; eradicating the vicious cycle of domestic violence, thus enabling a country to reach its full economic potential.