Wanem Hemi Love VS Wanem Hemi Abuse

Wan bigfala warning sign blong wan unhealthy relationship hemi taem wan man hemi possessive. ‘Possessive’ hemi taem wan man hemi wantem full love mo attention blong yu wan nomo. Hemi no likem yu blong toktok wetem ol frends mo family blong yu, mo hemi act olsem se yu property blong hem. Hemi wantem save evri samting wea yu makem mo hemi wantem controllem evri ples wea yu go.

Other red flags of a possessive relationship is when someone:

  • wants to jump into a personal/financial co-dependent relationship very fast (e.g., moving into together very fast, having a child very quickly, becoming each other’s only confidantes straight away, etc)
  • won’t take no for an answer
  • tries to minimize how often you leave the house or interact with others
  • threatens you, themselves, your family, your pet or possessions or financial future
  • someone who uses guilt to keep you from leaving the relationship.

Luk ol signs blong wan healthy relationship mo wan unhealthy relationship. Remember se yu gat raet blong stap insaed long wan relationship wea yu harem gud mo hemi liftem up laef blong yu.

Loves Me Not:

Hemia ol warning signs long saed blong wan unhealthy relationship. Sapos yu luk se yu wan victim of abuse, yu save toktok wetem ol frens mo family blong yu or go luk olgeta long Vanuatu Women’s Centre.

  1. Hemi jealous
  2. Hemi possessive
  3. Hemi traem blong controllem evri samting wea mi makem
  4. Hemi kross quick taem mo big wan
  5. Hemi puttem blame long mi wan nomo
  6. Hemi wantem sex even sapos mi no wantem
  7. Hemi stoppem mi blong luk ol frens mo family blong mi
  8. Hem wan nomo hemi makem ol decisions
  9. Hemi toktok no gud long mi taem mifala stap wetem ol nara man
  10. Hemi killem mi
  11. Hemi makem se mi cry
  12. Mi fraet long hem
  13. Hemi wantem save every samting wea mi makem
  14. Hemi takem money blong mi
  15. Hemi talem long mi se bae hemi lego mi sapos mi no makem wanem wea hemi wantem
  16. Hemi toktok no gud long mi


Loves Me:

Hemi ol qualities blong wan healthy relationship. Evri woman mo man hemi gat raet blong stap insaed long wan relationship wea hemi gat love, respect mo hemi harem se hemi safe.

  1. Mi harem se mi safe
  2. Mi harem se mi comfortable
  3. Hemi listen long mi
  4. Hemi respectem opinion blong mi
  5. Hemi supportem wanem wea mi wantem makem wetem laef blong mi
  6. Hemi talem truth long mi
  7. Hemi save talem sapos hemi wrong
  8. Hemi respectem mi
  9. Hemi traem blong understandem feelings blong mi
  10. Hemi like blong luk se mi gat fulap frens
  11. Hemi makem mi laugh
  12. Hemi trustem mi
  13. Hemi treatem mi olsem wan equal
  14. Hemi respectem family blong mi
  15. Hemi understandem sapos mi wantem taem blong mi wan nomo or sapos mi wantem go luk family blong mi
  16. Hemi acceptem mi olsem mi wan

This article was originally published in the Vanuatu Daily Post’s May edition of the Life and Style magazine.