Audio Programs on Law and Justice- Yumi tokbaot law mo rispek

A series of audio programs produced for Chiefs and communities, to increase awareness on issues of law, kastom, and justice.

Justice Episode One: Arthur Faerua

This episode covers what law is, the relationship between law and custom and why it is important for Chiefs to know the laws of Vanuatu.

Justice Episode Two: Constitution

This episode talks about the rights of people in Vanuatu under the constitution.

Justice Episode Three: Domestic Violence

This episode talks about the issue of domestic violence in communities in Vanuatu and covers the different kinds of violence.

Justice Episode Four: Sexual offences under the law

This episode talks about the issue of sexual offences under the law of the country, sexual offences against the law and non-consensual sex. This episode also discusses why it is important to talk about sexual offences.

Justice Episode Five: What causes issues of sexual violence

This episode covers more on the issue of sexual violence and how Chiefs can help those who face sexual violence.

Justice Episode Six: Penalties of Crime

This episode discusses what the law says about some of the penalties of offences that are coming up in our communities.

Justice Episode Seven: Vanuatu Justice System

This episode covers how the justice system in Vanuatu works.