Department of Correctional Services – Offending Against Morality in Vanuatu Sexual Offenders: A Demographic Profile 2017

This study provides information obtained from Correctional and Justice Records about Sexual Offending in Vanuatu – Offences against Morality – and a profile of 120 sexual offenders on sentences at the end of 2016. Some of the key findings include:

-Sexual offenders continue to be the highest proportion (60%) of offenders dealt with by the Koreksonal Sevis in Vanuatu.

– Most offences are against family or household members and people known to the offenders. The study shows that the majority of offending happens in people’s homes and villages. 90% of victims knew their offenders. 61% of victims were family or household members.

– 61% of sexual offending in the 2016 study occurred rurally in villages, compared with 36% in 2008. 39% occurred in urban areas compared with 64% in 2008.

– 57% of offenders were reported to be in a relationship at the time of their offending.