WELL-BEING IN VANUATU 2019–2020 NSDP Baseline Survey

This report presents the key findings on the Vanuatu Well-being — 2019-2020 NSDP Baseline Survey, aligned with the expressed needs reflected in the People’s Plan. The Government of Vanuatu began collecting data on individual and community well-being in 2010 as part of its initiative to develop and integrate alternative indicators of well-being that reflect Melanesian values. The objective was to supplement standard economic and social indicators with information that provides context for a better picture of the welfare of the population. Several indicators from the pilot study have since been adopted as key monitoring and evaluation indicators for the People’s Plan. Some findings include:

  • Mean subjective well-being (SWB) comparisons from 2010-2020 shows overall increases in levels of happiness across all demographic groups and in all areas of Vanuatu
  • the ‘SWB gap’ between urban and rural areas is increasing.
  • More than half, 57%, of the population ages 15 and over is considered “thriving” based on responses to the SWB series, up from 38% in 2010.