Advocacy Model: Asians and Pacific Islanders Build an Inventory of Evidence-Informed Practices A-Z Inventory of Practice for Asian & Pacific Islander Survivors – Asian Pacific Institute on Gender Based Violence Website

A review of API domestic violence agencies challenges simple notions of language access and cultural relevance. Are domestic violence services and community engagement strategies adopted from traditional models “translated” to API contexts? Or are advocates creating intervention and prevention responses that better fit community contexts? The Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence first investigated these questions in Innovative Strategies to Address Domestic Violence in Asian and Pacific Islander Communities: Examining Theories, Models and Interventions. In 2013, we collected data from advocates as a first step to describing an inventory of practice. In 2016, we systematically collected information from API-serving domestic violence providers about their services, types of gender violence addressed, in-language services, and ethnic communities served, resulting in the inventory presented here.